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Namaste Yogi,

As this month is coming to an abrupt close, hopefully you have had the chance to participate in this month's Free Yoga Sequence & Free Audio Yoga Class to Match, if not, check out the PDF and Audio Class below!

Text Neck is quickly going to become an epidemic. Everyone is glued to their screen, even toddlers. We are constantly looking down. Not only is taking time away from our electronics crucial, but also creating opposition in the body that allows us to create Text Neck Relief on a regular, daily basis is imperative to our health. Simply looking up is a good start. Maybe we can begin star gazing again!

The Audio Class will have some additions that the sequence does not include. Feel free to modify these sequences to YOUR body or even to your mood. The sequence is simply a guide to assist you through your personal yoga practice. Remember to be like water and go with the flow. Cliché yet so true.

I hope you enjoy! Remember you are only as old as your spine!

Download the Sequence PDF HERE and practice with me @YogaPodcast Listen to Free Audio Yoga Class: 60 Min Text Neck Relief All-Levels LISTEN HERE!

Free Monthly Yoga Sequences HERE!

Free Audio Yoga Classes Every Week! Find The Love Breezy Bree Yoga Podcast @YogaPodcast on iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify, Public Radio or anywhere you listen to podcasts! Download any of these free apps today and begin to master a personal yoga practice!

I offer weekly Yoga Pose Breakdowns of the most popular yoga postures, Yoga Tips and other OMazing information! Thank you for reading and listening!

My resident studio is at Yoga By Julia at the Westside Location (Paradise/Universe).

My In-Studio Class Schedule:

Tuesday/Thursday: 6 PM - Yoga Flow 60 Min

Tuesday: 7:30 PM - Yoga 4 Beginners 60 Min

FREE YOGA 101 WORKSHOP Every 1st Saturday of the Month @ Yoga By Julia - Westside

11 AM - NOON.

Interested in a Private Yoga Session? (I also offer parties of 2+ & Workshops) Schedule with me today, at Yoga By Julia Eastside or Westside Locations! Or get a discount if you want a private session at your office or home, receive a yoga sequence tailored to you! Email Me!



Breezy Bree

Certified Yoga Teacher

500HR Clinical Yoga Therapy

Specializing in Yoga For Beginners, Yoga 4 Athletes,

Trauma-Informed Yoga (PTSD) & Yoga Therapeutics


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