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A Bit About Myself

      Registered Yoga Teacher

Certified in Clinical Yoga Therapy 500HR


*Trauma-Informed Yoga Specialist*

Trauma Consultant

Certified Sexual Assault Advocate

B.S., M.B.A


Welcome! I am excited to embark on this journey with you!

I LOVE YOGA SO MUCH has allowed me to take care of myself in many ways through the Mind-Body-Spirit connection. 


I have learned to have more self-awareness through introspection and have used yoga as a restorative tool in my own life. 

I am a former professional competitive dancer, cheerleader - turned marathon runner, my body was pretty beat up and out of alignment.  I came to yoga purely for physical reasons, however, as yoga does, it connected me back to myself and changed my life in so many ways. 

My love of anatomy and physiology has had a tremendous influence on my style of teaching, I do believe in understanding the body from a purely anatomical standpoint and having a solid foundation in this area of study helps me as a teacher in explaining the yoga poses.  Our body has an infinite wisdom that lends itself to the practice organically.


However, I truly believe that the mind is where the magic is really taking place.  I believe our mind can play tricks on us, tries to protect us and sometimes even withholds information from us and this is where meditation and other yogic practices can really help connect us back to self and change our lives! 

I highly encourage students to consider having routine personal one-on-one yoga sessions with a yoga teacher, this is an amazing way to grow your own personal yoga practice, you can focus on areas that are challenging you and even receive assistance on creating yoga sequences designed especially for your body.


I offer this service and many other opportunities to enhance your personal practice, check out the Menu above on this website as well as the Love, Breezy Bree Yoga Podcast!  

Thank you for visiting and taking the time to read and learn more about yoga, my services and myself. 




Love, Breezy Bree



Love, Breezy Bree Yoga


As a Yoga Teacher, my vision is to practice as a lifelong student of the discipline as well as continue to expand my knowledge base and creativity to guide each student on their individual journey with integrity and authenticity. I want to connect people to their mind-body-spirit in a deeper way that lingers in their heart, encouraging them to continue to seek what is best for them intuitively.  


To encourage students to develop a personal intuitive yoga practice, on and off the mat.  


My ultimate goal is that yoga is accessible to everyone.  Therefore, it is important for me to continue to create free content available on the @YogaPodcast, The Love Breezy Bree Yoga Blog and through online classes, workshops, books and as many outlets as possible to bring awareness to the idea that Yoga is a Healing Art for all of us inclusively. 

Faith is my Grace.  Namaste.

Just Breathe

Ready to embark on a life changing journey? I would love to guide you through your personal yoga practice.  One breath at a time.