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I thought it would be super OMazing to share the past episodes of the Yoga 101: The Intro Series with you today, all in one place! Check them out below, each links to the past episode.

Don't forget, I have hundreds of Yoga Pose Breakdown episodes available at your fingertips to help you understand some of the most common and popular yoga poses! Just check it out here and type in your favorite pose (My Favorite = Mountain Pose or Tadasana).


Enjoy! I hope to meet you on the mat soon!


Check out these FREE Past Episodes of Yoga Podcast by Breezy Bree!


Intro to the 8 Limbs of Yoga


Alignment Informed Yoga


Anatomy Based Yoga


The Most Popular Types of Yoga Disciplines


Intro: Iyengar & Ashtanga Yoga


Intro: Bikram & Hot Yoga


Intro: Kundalini Yoga


Intro: Yin Yoga


Intro: Restorative Yoga


Intro: Relaxation Yoga


Intro: Thai Yoga


Intro: Anusara Yoga


Intro: Buti Yoga


Intro to Pilates: Yoga's Friend


Intro to Trauma-Informed Yoga


Yoga 101: Tai Chi and Yoga


Intro to Jin Shin Jyutsu and Yoga


Yoga 101: Qigong Yoga


BONUS!!!!! Check out the below YOGA Q&A Episodes!


What does Namaste Mean?


What is OM?

What are Mudras?


What is Ujjayi Breathing?


What is Dristi?


What is Sanskrit?


What is a Mantra?


What is Prana?




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