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Ballet Dancers are Yogis Too!

If you know "know" probably think of me dancing before you think of me doing yoga. I have loved to dance since I can remember. Most specifically I loved creating choreography and still do. If you have taken dance class with me, you know that I just love group dance. This translates well over into my love of yoga sequencing, especially for fun all-levels group yoga classes. It feels a lot like dancing, especially with music flowing and vibes on high. However, what many people do not know about me is that I am obsessed with the art of ballet. It is definitely my alter ego in many ways. I love the feminine aesthetic, the grace, the structure, the theatrics and of course I love classical music. It is such a balance for me personally and I have come to appreciate ballet as a moving meditation. Dare I say, even more than yoga...eek! I said it. Okay! Before you judge me (which is not yogic btw, wink wink), I have also noticed that in the vinyasa discipline, many practitioners have a background in dance. At my studio alone, we have several former professional dancers who have transitioned to teaching yoga. This is not even counting the numerous students with similar backgrounds in various styles of dance and gymnastics.

Bree releases breath...I feel like I typed all of that while holding my breath in excitement!

Recently, MY ballet teacher, who is a self-proclaimed ballet rebel, Bianca Lily Starr joined me on a series of episodes discussing topics that we can all benefit from! We had so much fun and once you meet her, you will see why my newfound commitment to ballet, as an adult has hit the airwaves.

If you missed the episodes, check them out below! I hope you enjoy!

Stay tuned for an upcoming series where Bianca and I dive deep into the world of animal advocacy! Where her heart chakra is truly activated!


Special shoutout to my Spotify Subscribers! The numbers keep climbing! I am so grateful! You can find Yoga Podcast with Breezy Bree on all platforms including Amazon Music & Audible!


Bree Morena de Santos

Love, Breezy Bree Yoga

Yoga Teacher E-RYT®500, YACEP®

Certified, Clinical Yoga Therapy IAYT

Specializing in Trauma-Informed Yoga

Here's a fun Friday night at the barre!


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