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Full Moon Meditation

Namaste Yogis,

Rather you follow the cycles of the Moon or not (I am obviously trying to encourage you to), the Moon absolutely follows you. I am gearing up for a big Yoga Podcast exploration of the Divine Feminine with the Yoni as it cycles with the Moon. In Sanskrit, Yoni is a divine passage, or the source of life - including both the uterus and vagina, the womb. In ancient times, the Yoni was valued as a sacred entity, as was the Woman. Hopefully, the tides are changing as we become more tuned in to the Moon and ourselves. Pun Intended.

Today, we are experiencing the Full Moon in Leo. A fiery sign filled with passion and strength. The Sun is currently in Aquarius with the element of Air. Why does this matter? Well...imagine you have a small flame and a huge gust of wind comes...what is the result? Extinction. Okay, now imagine you have a huge display of fire and a wind gently begins blowing into the flames, they are encouraged to spread and this may not always be the goal. Without the elements of water and earth, we are not going to be able to control the fire if it is out of control.

In my practice of yoga, I am attuned to the elements so that I can best serve my mind, body and spirit. I know the elements that make of my natal chart, but even more importantly, I understand that we are all a make up inherently of all 4 (maybe even 5 if you include spirit) elements. We just need to lean into them all equally to have a balanced life.

Right now, you may be feeling an energetic urge to create, your passions may be surfacing and you should honor those that are serving you. You may also be feeling irritable, quick to anger or hot headed and it is best to find some grounding and tune back into your emotions.

Check in with yourself during this Full Moon. Go soak up the illumination of her beauty in the night and enjoy the warmth of the Sun during the day. Ahem...Sunday!

How can your yoga practice on and off of the mat help?

Balance your elements! Enjoy the outdoors, connect with nature. Stay hydrated with delicious water, take a spiritual bath - light candles, set an intention, pay attention to how the water feels as it washes away negative vibes and cleanses your soul.

Feeling lethargic? Find some inspiration by lighting a candle, bringing the element of fire into your life, cooking over open flames, observing a fire pit or even just gazing at the moon. Start doing something creative, anything will honor your internal flame. Cook, dance, draw, paint, sing, create a yoga sequence. Practice yoga.

Feeling too hot to handle? Calm down by exploring your intuition. Journal, dance, go on a hot date. Stay away from things that naturally annoy you today. Relax!

During this Snow Moon let's enjoy a yoga class designed to honor the air and fire elements, while grounding ourselves with the earth and going with the flow with water. Making that spiritual connection back to self.

Here are some yoga poses to add to your Moon Day! Easy Pose, Mountain Pose, Tree Pose all represent the element of earth! Fish Pose, Pigeon Pose, Yogi Squat (Malasana), Cat/Cow, Crescent Moon all represent the water element. If you need a little more fire....add Plank Pose or Chair Pose, that should suit you! You should be good on Air...but just in case, take flight with Warrior III (airplane arms).

Listen to a beautiful guided Moon Meditation lead by Londrell feat. Dulce Ruby from the album Feminine Energy.


Breezy Bree

Certified Yoga Teacher

500HR Clinical Yoga Therapy

Specializing in Yoga For Beginners, Yoga 4 Athletes,

Trauma-Informed Yoga (PTSD) & Yoga Therapeutics


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