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How Deep is Your Love?! 15 Minute Daily Mindfulness Practice

Happy New Year! YAY!!!!

Alright Yogis, I am exactly like you, I want this year to be the BEST YEAR YET! No matter the challenges, I want to end on the highest note (ahem, vibration) as humanly and spiritually possible.

We all have to remember that we have 365 days to create the year we want. That is not a lot of chances so we have to make 'em count. Let's start by really embracing #COMMITMENT to what serves us the best.

I heard a saying, whatever you spend your time and money on is where you are committed. Check a person's calendar and bank statement and you will know everything you need to know about how they value their life. This has stuck with me over the years. I can honestly tell you that I value dogs, street tacos, books, babies & of course yoga.

However, I too, need to level up! So I created this quick and mindful practice to get us both started on the journey. It is a simple yet effective practice and it really speaks from my heart to yours.

I recommend you set the mood! Light a candle, have a cup of tea or fruit infused water, bring out the essential oil diffuser. Lift your hips above your knees with a blanket or meditation pillow or bolster. Discover your breath and begin. After a couple of guided Mindful Meditation practices with me, you will begin to find what speaks to you and incorporate "that" into your daily practice.

If you want more, you can practice Asana after if you wish, moving your body through a gentle flow like the Sun Salutations or you can dance to your favorite beat.

Remember meditation scientifically rewires your a good way! Mindfulness practices keep us sane.

Check out today's New Year Bonus episode! It is also the 250th Episode on the Yoga Podcast! Thank you for your supporting ears! I love you all!

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