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Luckiest New Moon Solar Eclipse, the last of the decade + Podcast Episode!

Namaste Yogis!

Before I dive deep into the AWESOMENESS of the super charged, lucky New Moon in Capricorn coming our way on December 26th at 12:13 am EST...I first want to offer my sincerest gratitude and love to you all. Thank You, Muchos Gracias, Obrigado! I have been so blessed by you all beyond my wildest imagination.

The past six years (yes, 6) have been eye opening for me. So many lessons and gifts alike. Tons of challenges and a ton of tears, but always a feeling of being loved from within has been my saving grace. I am positive that I am not alone. The energies in 2019 were magnifying for most everyone I have had the pleasure of chatting with.

I discussed back in February, that Chiron the minor planet exited Pisces which lasted about 8 years and entered into Aries. What is Chiron? Well...this planet has an identity crisis of its own, scientists disagree on its official indoctrination into the planetary system. Either way, it is a very energetic ball of air (or is it a ball of fire?!). Chiron is all about experiencing our pain, so we are called to truly engage in the act of compassion to find healing.

Remember, Pisces with all its water energy is the most intuitive sign of the zodiac. So make sure you know if this highly evolved sign is not only in your Sun for some of you but Moon, Rising or maybe even Venus or somewhere in your chart for the rest of us. Not sure what the heck I am talking about? Just grab your time of birth and enter all of the other details into a Natal Chart generator, they are free and online!

The Sun represents how we see ourselves or wish to be perceived - some say the core self. The Moon is our inner most deepest perception of self - the truth, some say those who really know us get to see this side. The Rising is how others actually perceive us, our representative self, this one is a fun one to learn. Our Venus is our love language, Venus in Greek Mythology represented love. To add a little bit more, the Midheaven is our life's work, how we engage in our callings. There is so much more to it, but this is a quick synopsis of the concepts.

You may already subscribe to the idea that we are all made up of multiple signs, not just our Sun Sign. Within those signs, are the elements, Earth, Water, Air, Fire. I can keep unpacking this, as the ancient Greeks did, remember Aristotle added the fifth element of Aether (also spelled Ether), he wanted to incorporate the stars....ahhhhh! Even though later it was concluded that the elements scientifically are represented by solid, liquid, gas, plasma, this is still translated to the elements that we reference in many disciplines including Ayurveda and even the Chakra system!

I could totally go on a huge tangent because I am endlessly fascinated by Astrophysics and Astrology. So this is where I will end our lesson, for now.

Back to Chiron! We exited a time of true intuitive reflection that Pisces afforded us. Now, that doesn't mean everyone had a self-proclaimed awakening or as we say, became "woke" (darn it!), but it does mean that collectively, our spirits did and there are tons of evidence to back that up. I mean lets face it, we are in a time of the least amount of religious persecution and have seen more minds open to sexuality, political views and even beginning to open up that Throat Chakra and speak our truth. This is being realized globally.

Chiron in Pisces was all about "Surrendering to the Wounded Healer".

Now enter Aries, Fire! Fire burns so that we can rebuild! That is exactly what we are called to do. Move forward as individuals and therefore, collectively. "Out with the old, in with the new" would be a good mantra for Chiron in Aries. We will be here until 2027, so be ready to move from Wounded Warriors to No-Limit Soldiers. Haha! I didn't make that up, by the way. I am not that clever. But what a great way to think of it. We are being called to love ourselves in a big grandiose way. That compassion that we had with Pisces to heal our wounds, now allows us to truly fall in love, with ourselves and therefore with humanity. This isn't an overnight process...we will be energetically called to action for the next several years. We have some soul searching to do...metaphorically and quite literally.

Did you find that this year you wanted to bust out of your shell? If so, blame it on Chiron in Aries!

How does all this relate to the Luckiest New Moon??? Why is it so damn lucky? Well, well....

It will be in Capricorn, a very driven get 'er done kinda sign, but even more interesting, it is a Solar Eclipse! Wait, that's not it (in my infomercial voice), the New Moon will also be in conjunction with Juniper the planet of abundance (let's remember this planet gets shiz done, ahem, Capricorn), still that's not it, Uranus wants in on the action.

You will have to listen to the Yoga Podcast by Breezy Bree (that's me!) to get the scoop ***see the link below!

If there was a word to describe this New Moon it would be Serendipity! It is like you "accidentally" get something you have needed or wanted. However, we all know (wink, wink) that nothing is by accident energetically. So, this New Moon is calling us to be intentional. Yes, all New Moons are about setting our intentions, planting our seeds. But this one is vibrating and wants to bring you good luck and fortune!

Let it!

With it peaking on Christmas evening for some and on the day after for others, the energy of this Solar Eclipse is there for the taking. Remember this is not just a New Moon, it is a Solar Eclipse. The Moon will pass directly between the Sun and the Earth casting its shadows upon the Earth's surface. I hope you truly appreciate the event!

Another cool reason to is the LAST New Moon of the year AND of the decade! We are being called to embrace the future now! Let's do it! Forget those New Year Resolutions you ignore 2 weeks in and follow Mother Nature in her infinite wisdom through the gift of the Divine and start our new journey on this very spectacular New Moon.

Bonus thought: We will have a Lunar Eclipse during the next Full Moon! That will be our time to reflect on the intentions and actions that we set during this New Moon phase.

If you haven't already, listen to this special Yoga Podcast episode ---> Luckiest New Moon Solar Eclipse

Happy Holidays Yogi Friends!

I love you to the moon!

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