Magical Dreamy Intuitive New Moon & Sun + Yoga

You may be feeling a bit more mystical than usual. Your creative side may be itching to be released, your dreams want to be realized and you may be feeling all the feels as your emotions seem to bubble over. Don't worry, if you are not there yet, you have all month long to get there.

This month is extra special, last night we began experiencing a Dark Moon - that place right before a New Moon appears. The energy is abundant for a few days and this is always the best time to get out your journal and document your thoughts, feelings, intentions, goals and dreams.

Pisces is the most intuitive sign in the Zodiac, and having her in our Moon and Sun is magical. All of our feminine and masculine energy is being infused with these brilliant vibes.

Depending on how much water element you have in your chart, you may feel even more magnified than usual. If you don't have much or any water signs in your chart, don't fret, you will now with Pisces stirring up the water but be mindful, this energy may feel like a tsunami is coming toward you. It is better for us all to simply embrace it! I know, easier said than done, especially with Mercury Retrograding until March 10th.

The Planet of Mercury rules information and technology, she is known as a messenger. Yes, I said SHE! Technically, Mercury takes on both masculine and feminine energy, but with all this communication Mercury must be a female....wait, wait, part of our issue when Mercury Retrograding is all of our communication goes it's safe to assume when she's moving backward, she is leaning into her masculine side a bit more. HAHAHA!

Okay, back to Pisces. With our Heart Chakra being so open, you may find yourself being in your feelings much more than usual...with Mercury Retrograding, you may even begin to long for past relationships, becoming nostalgic about old places you lived, worked and played.

Be careful not to reach back and grab something or someone from your past that should be left there. Instead, take this time to hang with friends and reminiscence, responsibly. <note to self>

Be mindful of not forcing your communication, like trying to get your point across, this is not the time to be heard and understood. In fact, it is very likely you will not be able to actively listen to others truths either. So this is a time to lean into that emphatic and compassionate side of yourself.