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Watch Me on YouTube!

OMGosh! I am soooo...excited!

After 3 years of Yoga Podcast on Audio Platforms. I am FINALLY making videos! This has been one of the main requests from listeners! I have to admit, I had a creative block when it came to YouTube. But...after teaching two yoga teacher trainings in 2020, recording dozens of video lectures, hosting live streams, chats and groups, I finally moved passed my FEAR of YouTube. YASSSS! So far, it has been a blast!

So what can you expect from Love, Breezy Bree on YouTube?!

Psst...check out the link below and see for yourself!

I loooovvvveee teaching about "HOW" and "WHY" you should Heal Thyself using Yoga! You know how I am a huge proponent of the Philosophy of Yoga, the 8 Limbs of Yoga, the Yoga Sutras and of course utilizing Yoga as a Trauma-Informed Practice. These are all topics we discuss on Yoga Podcast and that will not stop!

My YouTube Channel Love, Breezy Bree will focus on Yoga Off Of The Mat where we become more introspective, mindful and intentional in our accountability to healing our lives. I talk a TON about using the Chakra Energy Centers to guide you through your practice of self-awareness and awakening. This is where we do the mental and emotional work.

Now...stay tuned for an upcoming series where I break down the most popular Yoga Poses already published on Yoga Podcast in Audio Form, but will introduce them to you in video! That will be super OMazing!

I will also begin hosting weekly guided meditations and mindful practices! Stuff we talk about on Yoga Podcast all of the time, you can now have a Yoga Mat Mate (that's me).

If you want to check out some of the videos already published click on the link below!

I invite you to SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube Channel! Once I reach 1000 Subscribers and 4000 Views. I will go LIVE WEEKLY where we can practice together, I can answer Yoga Q&A and we can hang out and CHAT!

So help me get there by joining my channel Love, Breezy Bree today! :)

Also, if you haven't already, find me on Instagram @lovebreezybree where I have been interviewing some of the most inspirational health and wellness influencers on IG LIVE!

I cannot wait to meet you on the mat! NAMASTE

CHECK OUT MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL ---->>>>>> Love, Breezy Bree


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