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Super New Moon + The 8 Cycles + Yoga!

Namaste Yogi,

If you have been listening to all of the Yoga Podcast episodes, you may have already followed me through the moon series. If not, what better time to get synced up than now, on this Super New Moon.

Below you will find a link to ALL of the past Yoga Podcast episodes on the Moon Series.

If you are not familiar with the moon cycles, there are eight. I see it as nature's way of guiding us in such a way that we can simply look up at the sky and have a general idea of where we are in the cycle by the very presence of the moon, what an amazing feat and our ancestors did just that. The energy of the Full Moon, stirs up the ocean it is so powerful. Why not understand this from both a scientific and a spiritual sense?! I must admit, as a kid, I was convinced I would be an Astronaut, I even got to experience NASA up close and personal. So maybe I have an inherent affinity towards the moon and the cosmos, so hopefully my excitement extends itself to you! (In case you are curious why I am a Yoga Teacher here rather than in Space...I struggled horribly through physics in college and I was even mentored by a Quantum Physicist AND dated an engineering genius to pass class. #shameless)

I invite you to learn a new way to journal. Using the moon cycles as your way to guide yourself through your emotions and to take action when appropriate and understand when it is better to sit back and put your feet up or as a Yogi, put your legs up the wall. Rather you buy into the concept of manifestation or not, you don't have to believe to receive. Okay, I just really needed to rhyme! But seriously, why not use the moon in all of its infinite wisdom from the Heavens and beyond to help steer your little boat here on planet Earth?!

When I look up at the sky at night, I get such a kick out of seeing the moon, or rather, truly observing the moon. It is absolutely astonishing how we can become so busy with life that we literally allow the moon, mountains, rivers, oceans, to become backdrops rather than mystical representations of the magnificence of life itself.

Today, it is a Super New Moon! What does that mean...well, it is a lunar phenomenon. The moon will be at its closet to Earth during this New Moon than it normally is. The New Moon represents a time to set your new intentions. Think of the moon cycles the way farmers think of the cycles of harvest and yes, they use the moon! Truth is, farmers give-heed to the moon and you will find that every month, the moon still is named for a cycle in agriculture.

I invite you to explore the moon and all its glory. Check out the links below to a series that I published on the Yoga Podcast dedicated to the moon and journaling through the cycles, just like planting seeds begins a process in farming, so does the New Moon for your life's intentions. As well, I incorporate ways to use yoga to help you to benefit from the moon cycles.

Remember, the moon teaches us patience and wisdom. Tonight, look up at the sky and although the Super New Moon, may be invisible to you, breathe in that prana, that life force energy and connect!


Below is a link to the entire moon series on Radio Public (you can find these episodes on your favorite podcast app):

I recommend you listen to them in order by date.



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