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FREE AUDIO YOGA CLASS + YOGA SEQUENCE: Yoga for Digestion, Floor Sequence

Namaste Yogi,

Summer is quickly moving along! In New Mexico, the sun is shining bright and the heat is fierce! The rain visits us almost daily but since I am in the desert, it is a fleeting event. So far, this summer I have enjoyed teaching a ton of live studio classes coupled with private sessions and working through my own practice, all of which have been invigorating. As life tends to do, I have learned a few new lessons and gained some wisdom (I hope).

This month, was focused on digestion! If you have not had a chance to listen to the episode The Digestive System & Yoga published on October 23, 2018 you can listen on Radio Public HERE or on any other free platform!

This sequence is a favorite of mine simply because it is 100% on the floor! Which makes it a nice, easy-going and relaxing flow. You can practice it as slow as you need, making modifications where you see fit and adding in postures you love! The Free Audio Class is 35 Minutes long. Make sure not to eat or drink too much liquid prior to class. You really want to heat up your body and keep those digestive enzymes working overtime. I look forward to meeting you on the mat!

Next month, we are focusing on Flat Feet! Even if you do not suffer from fallen arches or more specifically pes planus, you may still benefit from the sequence as it brings much needed attention and awareness to our souls...ah hem, I mean our soles.

---->>>>> Download the Sequence PDF HERE and practice with me @YogaPodcast

----->>>>>Listen to Free Audio Yoga Class: 35 Min Yoga For Digestion All-Levels LISTEN HERE!

Free Monthly Yoga Sequences HERE!

Free Audio Yoga Classes Every Week! Find The Love Breezy Bree Yoga Podcast @YogaPodcast on iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify, Public Radio or anywhere you listen to podcasts! Download any of these free apps today and begin to master a personal yoga practice!

I offer weekly Yoga Pose Breakdowns of the most popular yoga postures, Yoga Tips and other OMazing information! Thank you for reading and listening!

My resident studio is at Yoga By Julia at the Westside Location (Paradise/Universe).

My In-Studio Class Schedule:

Tuesday/Thursday: 6 PM - Yoga Flow 60 Min

Tuesday: 7:30 PM - Yoga 4 Beginners 60 Min

FREE YOGA 101 WORKSHOP Every 1st Saturday of the Month @ Yoga By Julia - Westside

11 AM - NOON.

Interested in a Private Yoga Session? (I also offer parties of 2+ & Workshops) Schedule with me today, at Yoga By Julia Eastside or Westside Locations! Or get a discount if you want a private session at your office or home, receive a yoga sequence tailored to you! Email Me!



Breezy Bree

Certified Yoga Teacher

500HR Clinical Yoga Therapy

Specializing in Yoga For Beginners, Yoga 4 Athletes,

Trauma-Informed Yoga (PTSD) & Yoga Therapeutics


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