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Namaste Yogi,

According to the calendar, it is Autumn...the sun is still shining bright and the heat is still up in temperatures. Which is actually a nice blessing for this month's Free Yoga Sequence, because you are encouraged to practice outdoors, barefooted.

This month we focus on the Root Chakra and the Element of Earth. In the body, the Earth Element is represented by our bones and tissues. The Earth sounds just like it is...grounding. When our Root Chakra, the first of the system is out of wack, we are restless, insecure, impatient, greedy, jealous, materialistic, quick to anger and the list goes on. As you can see, it is vital to our health and those around us to stay stay grounded. If you have been listening to the Yoga Podcast (wink, wink), you may have noticed that recently we have been diving into my passion of teaching Trauma-Informed Yoga. Trauma is the #1 reason why your Root Chakra is not stable. Trauma is a big concept, an umbrella of tons of reasons why you may be suffering, some of which are unidentified by you. This doesn't mean you cannot heal yourself. Sometimes you do not need to know the question but to know the answer. Yoga can be the answer, more specifically the practice that best suits your needs. This sounds obvious, but as discussed on the Yoga Podcast, not always easy as pie. We tend to be attracted to lots of things that are not necessarily guiding us in the most healthful direction. Yoga is no exception, as you learned in the breakdown of the disciplines, not all yoga is exactly the same, therefore, you have to begin to get to know yourself on a whole new level.

I have a secret...

Staying grounded can always be useful. Since the Root Chakra is the base of the entire system as mentioned, it is important to be present in this space and coming back to it periodically is not only soothing, think a baby in the wound but also needed to regain stability before moving into the big world of life.

So take off your shoes, move your precious mat under the sky rather the sun is shining or the stars are bright above, let's get ready to practice and connect back to the Earth.

This sequence is a nice relaxing flow, there are an abundance of hip openers to release much needed bottled up emotions, treat this practice like you are receiving a deep tissue massage, hydrate after and relax, take it easy. You can practice it as slow as you need, making modifications where you see fit and adding in postures you love! The Free Audio Class is 35 Minutes long. I look forward to meeting you on the mat!

Check out the Flat Feet Free Yoga Sequence HERE! Even if you do not suffer from fallen arches or more specifically pes planus, you may still benefit from the sequence as it brings much needed attention and awareness to our souls...ah hem, I mean our soles.

---->>>>> Download the Sequence PDF HERE and practice with me @YogaPodcast

----->>>>>Listen to Free Audio Yoga Class: 35 Min Yoga Root Chakra Outdoors Earth Flow All-Levels LISTEN HERE!

Free Monthly Yoga Sequences HERE!

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My resident studio is at Yoga By Julia at the Westside Location (Paradise/Universe).

My In-Studio Class Schedule:

Tuesday/Thursday: 6:15 PM - Yoga Flow 60 Min

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Sunday 11 AM - Yoga Flow 60 Min + Arm Balances

FREE YOGA 101 WORKSHOP Every 1st Saturday of the Month @ Yoga By Julia - Westside

11 AM - NOON.

Interested in a Private Yoga Session? (I also offer parties of 2+ & Workshops) Schedule with me today, at Yoga By Julia Eastside or Westside Locations! Or get a discount if you want a private session at your office or home, receive a yoga sequence tailored to you! Email Me!



Breezy Bree

Certified Yoga Teacher

500HR Clinical Yoga Therapy

Specializing in Yoga For Beginners, Yoga 4 Athletes,

Trauma-Informed Yoga (PTSD) & Yoga Therapeutics


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