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January Yoga Sequence: Pada & Mula Bandha Yoga Class

If you haven't had a chance to practice January's FREE Yoga Sequence available here on your own, you can practice with me!

Today, on the Love, Breezy Bree Yoga Podcast, I take you through the sequence as we flow together! This practice is all about the Feet and Pelvic Floor. Bandha's are energy locks within the body that we work to engage or release, by engaging and releasing them, we restore balance to our body. This is the entire goal of yoga, to connect you back to yourself, through mind, body and spirit.

This sequence is for all-levels but it does create some great opportunities for challenging variations if you wish.

As with all yoga classes on the LBB Podcast, the goal is to modify where you see fit.

Grab your mat! Blocks, Blankets, Straps are optional!

Check out the Love, Breezy Bree Yoga Podcast everyone podcasts are available for FREE!


Check out February's Free Yoga Sequence already posted!

Nervous System, Vagus Nerve & Diaphragm Flow

(Stay tuned for the live recorded class for this sequence to post soon @YogaPodcast)




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