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FREE AUDIO YOGA CLASS + YOGA SEQUENCE: Sacral Chakra Be Like Water Flow + Yoga Nidra

Namaste Yogi,

It is my birthday month, and we just experienced the New Moon in Scorpio and now we are in a Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio. So, my energy levels are through the roof. It has been a very busy month already!

This yoga sequence was published in October on the website but I finally got around to actually recording the corresponding Free Audio Class for the podcast! Gosh!

However, I have already published November's Yoga Sequence - Fire Element on the website (so check it out). If I had been thinking, I would have published Water Element in November...ahem, Scorpio is a water sign. DUH! I guess that is why I am publishing the actual class in maybe it was meant to be (wink, wink).

This sequence was a fun one. It definitely has some challenges, that you can handle! But mostly it was all about awakening that creative flow within self.

The Sacral Chakra reminds us to connect to our emotions, sensuality and of course our creativity. Water, reminds us that we are both powerful and gentle forces. We are in our feelings when we are aligning with our Sacral Chakra, which can truly be a double, maybe triple-edged sword adding in the Mercury in Retrograde component.

Ah...explains a lot.

We end the class with a 10 minute Yoga Nidra practice, similar to meditation but a much more relaxing practice suitable for everyone, even children. I guide this practice with my Trauma-Informed clients regularly. It is a very safe and grounded practice. I love it! Stick around at the end of class and discover the benefits of Yoga Nidra for yourself.

Bonus points: Practice near water!

--->>>>> Download the Sequence PDF HERE and practice with me @YogaPodcast

----->>>>>Listen to Free Audio Yoga Class: 60 Min Sacral Chakra Water Flow + 10 Min Yoga Nidra All-Levels LISTEN HERE!

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