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Yoga Class Demystified

Did you know that there is a formula to sequencing yoga classes?

Yoga is both an art and a science, it is important to take into consideration how the yoga poses are linked together to benefit the body and prepare the mind for a practice that will leaving your student or you wanting more.

Yoga can cause injury to the body...but so can walking. However, in yoga, we can take proactive measures to best suit our students and ourselves when we are designing the "perfect" yoga class. Now keep in mind, there is no such thing as a perfect class. A big part of not only teaching yoga but practicing this discipline is being open to change.

My life's purpose is to remind not only you but myself that "It's your body", having body awareness is not an easy feat. There are many reasons why we may be disconnected from our body's intuitive wisdom from a cellular level all the way through our subconscious mind to our conscious being. The true goal is introspection and compassion. The yogic philosophy is completed by what is known as the 8 Limbs of Yoga, the physical practice of poses or postures, also called Asana in Sanskrit, is only one limb of the eight. Two others that are more known are, Pranayama (prana = vital life force, ayama = extension), this is the breath on the most simplistic level but can also be and is a practice all in its own right. Some say if you had to choose between Asana and Pranayama, you should opt for Pranayama. The other common limb is Meditation. This can be achieved in many ways, depending on your school of throught. Some practice silence, some practice prayer. Ultimately, in my opinion, it is what allows you to be most present with the spirit, your source, your higher belief system. Although yoga can be attributed to a religion, it is as vast as the people in the world. It is a philosophy and it is YOU. Yoga meets you on the mat, you do not meet yoga.

I am a proponent of a personal yoga practice, one that is practiced on your time, in a space that you can find peace and feel the most safe. I understand that led yoga practices are very useful for numerous reasons, but just like using a calculator to do math seems convenient, it will never truly take the place of the learning and knowing process of completing a mathematical equation.

When beginning a home-based or personal yoga practice, keep in mind, it is perfectly fine to utilize videos and audio yoga to lead you. I offer FREE Audio Yoga Classes on my podcast. The Love Breezy Bree Yoga Podcast on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher and many other outlets. But I still believe that ultimately you want the awareness to be able to practice without watching or listening to another, but to be with yourself, guiding your own Asana, Meditation and Pranayama practice at your own pace.

I post FREE YOGA SEQUENCES MONTHLY on my website! Subscribe to be the 1st to receive them! If you would like to have customized personal yoga sequence for you or your student or your class EMAIL ME!

Please listen to the episode Yoga For Beginners: New To A Yoga Studio? on The Love Breezy Bree Yoga Podcast @YogaPodcast as I demystify a yoga class! LISTEN HERE

Also, if you are curious about the system to sequence a yoga class, I break it down for you! Sequence Your Own Personal Yoga Class LISTEN HERE

As this publishes, my little grass-roots podcast has 5K downloads per episode and over 100 episodes since 2018! I am really humbled (who am I kidding, my head is barely fitting through the door it is so big)...seriously, I am happy to be apart of the ecosystem and hopefully sharing knowledge in a way that resonates with you, the practitioner! We are all students and the learning never ends and this may be the very reason why I love yoga so much!



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